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In May 2022 we gathered with 8 terrific callers in Nashville, TN for five days of classroom and studio time.  We focused on music, creative choreography, singing call presentation, and showmanship.

Those 8 terrific callers . . . got even better.

At the end of the course, we headed back into the famous Hilltop Recording Studio

Once a month we’ll feature one of those callers’ hard work and successful recordings.  We hope you’ll add them to your music collection.

Tony Oxendine

Ted Lizotte

Artist of the Month

Charlie Petrea

Charlie Petrea is originally from Thunderbolt Ga. He began square dancing in 1994. He along with his wife, Marsha and son, Will moved to Atlanta Ga. in 1999. In 2012, while dancing with the Kennesaw Square Dealers, Ray Mauney, the club caller asked Charlie if he wanted to try a singing call; that began a calling journey that continues to this day.

After a year of singing calls, Charlie began trying patter and working on choreography under the guidance of local callers in the Metro Atlanta Area. Charlie joined Callerlab in 2015. He began calling his own dances in 2015. Charlie has a goal of calling in all 50 states.

So far he has called in 9 states, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Indiana.

A Police Officer since 1988, Charlie said: patter, to me, is a lot like directing traffic. I have eight cars going in several directions at the same time and it’s my job to get them home safely.

Always learning, Charlie thanks Tony Oxendine, Ted Lizotte, Ken Ritucci, Scott Bennett, Shauna Kaaria as well as all the Callerlab Caller-Coaches for their guidance, instruction and support.

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