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In May 2022 we gathered with 8 terrific callers in Nashville, TN for five days of classroom and studio time.  We focused on music, creative choreography, singing call presentation, and showmanship.

Those 8 terrific callers . . . got even better.

At the end of the course, we headed back into the famous Hilltop Recording Studio

Once a month we’ll feature one of those callers’ hard work and successful recordings.  We hope you’ll add them to your music collection.

Tony Oxendine

Ted Lizotte

Artist of the Month

Dick Otis

The son of a career Naval Aviator, Dick was raised in numerous cities and states before following his father’s footsteps into Naval Aviation in 1972. Captain Otis retired from the Navy Reserves in March 2008, and from Civil Service in 2013.

In 2004, Dick and his wife Trish learned to square dance with Charley Stockman at Beaux and Belles of Leesburg, Virginia.

At Beaux and Belles, Charlie encouraged Dick in the occasional singing call.  At the same time Dick and Trish met Butch Adams and began to explore Dance By Definition.  Butch soon became Dick’s close friend and Caller mentor, encouraging him to attend several callers schools; the New England Caller School 2009, Pocono Caller School 2010, Pride Caller’s College 2011, and The Great Smoky Mountain Caller School 2013.  Butch also provided numerous opportunities for Dick to be a guest caller at his clubs.

In 2012 Dick, with his wife and friends, established “Saturday Night DBD” at the Herndon Senior Center, Herndon, VA.  Officially named the Old Dominion Square “ODS” in 2014, ODS encourages Plus DBD dancing in the Washington DC area. Dick calls a Plus DBD Workshop prior to each dance, which is called by various callers.

With his retirement in 2013, Dick began calling with Butch more frequently. He taught several new dancer classes at the Herndon Senior Center, followed by a Plus Class, and then Plus DBD workshops.

In 2014, Dick began teaching with the Boomerang Teaching Council, Lincolnia, VA, under the mentorship of Bill Harrison. In 2015, he graduated to teaching Mainstream and Plus classes for the Council.

Starting in 2015 Dick became a full time caller. Currently, he calls for the Greenspring Seniors (social dancing), Old Dominion Squares (Plus DBD), and T-Squares (Advanced).

He has called for Merry Notes, Dixie Cups, Zig Zaggers, Gerrymanders, Four County Squares, Frederick County Promenaders and Tuckahoe Squares, and during the 2020-2021 COVID-19 pandemic, calls Virtual Plus and Advanced Dances.

Dick called for the 2015-2018 Virginia State Square Dance Conventions and for the National Conventions in Springfield, MA and Atlanta, GA. He is a regular caller at the annual Washington DC Area Toys-4-Tots benefit dances . Dick is a member of Callerlab, the Virginia State Caller’s Association (VASCA) and is President of the National Capitol Area Square Dance Leader’s Association (NCASDLA).

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