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In May 2022 we gathered with 8 terrific callers in Nashville, TN for five days of classroom and studio time.  We focused on music, creative choreography, singing call presentation, and showmanship.

Those 8 terrific callers . . . got even better.

At the end of the course, we headed back into the famous Hilltop Recording Studio

Once a month we’ll feature one of those callers’ hard work and successful recordings.  We hope you’ll add them to your music collection.

Tony Oxendine

Ted Lizotte

Artist of the Month


Robert has been a square dance caller for over 15 years in the Northern Indiana / Southern Michigan area.  He called frequently in the Chicago and Detroit area, also.  He also taught and called for several clubs in the Rio Grande Valley, TX area for three years.  Currently he resides in Kodak, TN and is the club caller for Three Rivers Ramblers in Kingston, TN.  He is in the process of starting a square dance group in Sevierville.

Robert’s nickname is “Mr. Enthusiasm” and he does bring a lot of enthusiasm and fun to lessons and dances.  He loves to see people have a good time.

Robert has recorded “Anytime” and “Oklahoma” on Eagle Recordings.  He recorded “This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away” on TOTL Recordings.

He is married to Billie who is his biggest fan.

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